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Dealing with Tax Authorities

The Integrated National Service of Tax and Customs (SENIAT) has its own agenda target and ways of dealing with taxpayers. That's you… and penalties for innocent errors can be as harsh as the treatment handed out to deliberate tax-avoiders.

You can expect a visit from a SENIAT's officer at any time to check to check the appropiate accounting of taxes due to the Government. The visit could last anything from a few hours to several weeks depending on the size and complexity of your business.

If any error were found, the officer will issue an assessment for the errors discovered. The assessment will automatically include interest and penalties at the appropriate rates.

If you found errors, you must disclose them immediately. A voluntary disclosure will prevent you from incurring any penalties that would otherwise be raised.

If you think that the officer is wrong or has been unduly harsh, there are recognized appeal procedures which you can follow.

UHY specialist tax partners are experienced at guiding our clients through this process. They can also help you in processes such as a tax repayment claiming or any other process involving direct communication with SENIAT.