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Every public or private company with more than 50 employees must use one percent (1%) of its annual net profits to special social programs related to the traffic and consumption of illicit drugs for their employees and their families. And from this 1% a 0.5% should be directed for the protection of children and teenagers. This contribution will be destined to the execution of programs and projects established by Law to the indicated institution. Hence, every company must declare and pay within the first fifteen days of each year their contribution. Every company manufacturing alcoholic beverages, tobacco and any of it mixtures, or importing them, must, as a consequence of their social responsibility, to destine a 2% contribution of the net annual profits to the creation, construction, restoration, maintenance, and functioning of special centers for prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and social adaptation of alcohol and tobacco consumers, and support prevention programs created by the Executive. The declaration and payment of this contribution must be made on an annual basis, within the first fifteen continuous days of each year.